Current Fishing Conditions
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Captains Mark Pisano, Jeff Debuys & Paul Strasser

Few Spots Remain on Schedule

- We still have a few spots left on our schedule for 2017...The Fred Hall Show is March 1 - March 5.. If you have been procrastinating on booking your trip with us, I suggest you take a few moments and decide what trip you want.. And always remember that we take standbys if a trip shows Sold-out. I will call you first before I open the trip to the public. Don't be left at the Dock when your friends are leaving for the best time of their life.. Judy

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- The Indy returned this morning with a great catch of Yellowfin Tuna and sum Wahoo. A huge thanks to everyone who made the trip this year and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

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- Just talked to Jeff on the boat and he reported they will be in at 6:00 am Monday morning. He also said they had a decent ride up and everyone on board is doing good.Judy will be in the office at 5:30 See you in the morning


- Good afternoon everyone, we've had a decent ride up so far and everyone is now well rested and looking forward to our arrival to offload their beautiful catch. Due to the weather due to arrive in San Diego and north Baja we are going to take cover at the big island and let the weather pass on by, and then we will have a good weather window to continue up the line. Everyone is doing just fine and our arrival will be pushed back 1 day to Monday morning.


- Today we had an all day pick on these beautiful grade bank Tuna. We picked up another cow and the rest were 100 to 175 lbs for the most part. The weather is still up, but not too noticeable when you are catching fish. We are stoked with the results fish wise, as it was no easy task , but we put it together with a great catch. We are headed up in choppy weather.


- Good evening from the Indy , we had another good day today on 100 to 175 lb.Tuna and with one more day left to fish we are in pretty good shape. The weather is still up but forecast to come down a bit. A few Wahoo made it on the boat today as well. Sea ya later


- The weather is up and the fish are down, so goes life out here on the high seas. Today just didn't materialize like the past 4 days. We got a sample of those 150 lb.ers but it was just a down day. We are going to keep working at it though, in hopes the weather and fish cooperate tomorrow. Sea ya then


- Today started early again and ended with another great sun downer bite. The middle of the day was slower with a fish here and there until late in the day. No cows today but plenty of that beautiful grade 90 to 160 lb. fish available to all. The Wahoo pulled a no show, but maybe tomorrow. Wish us luck please

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- You won't hear any complaints from us out here, as things are rolling rite along. We had another great day on that excellent bank grade Yellowfin Tuna. Pretty much like yesterday's fishing except today we had a regulation sundown ripper that included Steve Penley's cow. We are going to keep working at it for tomorrow's plan, 37 Tuna and a few Wahoo for the effort today. Sea ya later


- Things got going early today and then slowed mid day and then steady all afternoon till dark. Beautiful grade bank fish , 100 to 228 lbs. today. We are going to try it again tomorrow , great weather, 37 Tuna and a hand full of Wahoo. Everyone is doing just fine

Great Start

- The boat called in with this report. We arrived at Hurricane Bank around noon Wednesday and it didn't take long to get situated. Good sign of fish around. We managed to pick up 30 Tuna for the afternoon 100#-140# with a few standouts. We are anxious to see what tomorrow brings. Will have a more detailed report tomorrow evening.

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- We had a nice surprise today picking up a couple of beauties 160# and 180# a few hundred miles above the bank in open waters.

Seeker 15 day begins

- Happy new year everyone, the seeker 15 day departed yesterday with a nice load of bait and lots of enthusiastic fisherman, most regulars and some new regulars. Sophia Huynh is our host and she got down to business handing out lots of new great seeker apparel along with a bundle of brand new rods for the lucky ones. Headed down at the moment rigging and watching football, we have a few days to figure out where to start the adventure, absolutely epic flat calm weather, sea ya when we have sum news, Jeff and the Indy crew


- HAPPY NEW YEAR ANGLERS, If you are browsing at my schedule and notice most of the trips are sold out..there may be a few openings after Jan 15th, I contact my standbys first before I open to the public. I suggest you email or call in to be put on my standby status, don't wait for the Fred Hall show in March to book spots are may contact me from 7am-9pm every day..619 226 6006.