Current Fishing Conditions
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Captains Mark Pisano, Jeff Debuys & Paul Strasser

***New Trips Posted***

- For those of you who are either new to long range fishing or cannot go on the longer trips check out our schedule. We have just added (4) new 3 day trips. 2 in April and 2 in May. It is expected with the already warmer than normal waters these will be ideal for early season fish. You will also notice they're pretty easy on the checkbook. Call the office or book on line. It is expected these trips will fill fast.

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Seeker, Brian Porter 15 Day Re

- Hello folks, here are the lucky cow catchers, 1st place 264 lb. Albert Chuang , 2nd place 241 lb. Mike Montgomery, 3rd place 228 lb. Floyd Spangler, other bigguns, 226 lb. John Martini, 212 lb. Eric Justesen, 204 lb. Phil Havlicek. We want to sincerely thank Seeker rods, and Brian Porter for all the great sponsorship again this year, and to everyone who made the trip such a success. . We look forward to the next adventure. The boat is in for about 2 months doing it's annual boat work , repairs etc. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Fred Hall show in March. Sea ya all then, Jeff and the Indy crew

ETA Sunday

- Good day from the Independence. Absolutely beautiful weather today traveling up the line. We will arrive back to San Diego at approx. 0530 tomorrow , sea ya then , Jeff and the Indy crew

Heading up the Line

- Well we are all cleaned up, enjoying a decent ride up the line with a decent catch under our belts. This trip as every other , has been a challenge, mainly weather and conditions related, and we made the most of our time down there in the zone. We had ample chances at landing the coveted Yellowfin Tuna, and Wahoo. Many personal bests were had. What worked this trip was again rail time and in the tackle dept. the Salas PL 68's were on fire early and late as well as sinkers for the smaller baits. The larger baits we caught every nite were used early and late in the day. The weather got in the way more than once, but rain or shine the guys were out there trying, and that always makes a difference. We are shooting for an early arrival Sunday morning. We will post an ETA on Saturday afternoon. Sea ya then Jeff

A Great Ending

- Well gang, we ended the trip with a bang. The early morning sign was as good as it gets down here this morning. At one point everyone had one on. Things were hot and heavy for a couple of hours and then it was over. 38 tuna for the finale; 23 of those were 90 to 220 lbs and the rest were 40 to 60 lb. fish. We did have a couple of chances at bigguns , landed 2 and released a couple. John Martini and Mike Montgomery landed 215 and 220 lb fish.We also had a couple of heart breaks. We really needed to catch a break, and today we did. Great ending, and now we are on our way up in perfect weather. Thanks for checking in, Jeff

Click here for the Fish Report and Photos

Sunny Weather

- Well, all is good out here in the Indy, we have been scratching away every day on 40 to 60 lb. fish and 80 to 140 lb. fish with a chance at a big one here and there. We put away the rain gear and brought out the sun tan lotion. Everyone is doing well, and we have one more morning , one more chance at stardom, and then it's time to go home. We will have another report tomorrow, thanks for checking in, Jeff and the Indy crew

Made a Move

- We looked over the weather picture and deemed it safe to go check out the bank for today, as that storm had passed by. The fishing wasn't what we thought it to be, as very little fish during the day, a few here and there, and the sundowner proved to be the best time. The grade today was 60 to 150 lbs and we are going to see if we can get a nite bite going tonite. Rain today off and on all day made for some challenging conditions. Thanks for checking in, Jeff

All Day Affair

- Good evening everybody. We got going very early this morning catching Yellowfin Tuna, and pretty much stayed busy all day long. The bulk of the catch is 60 to 140 lbs, with some 50 lb. stuff abundant at times. Two stand outs today, Albert Chuang caught a 230 lb. tuna, and Floyd Spangler also with a 215 lb. beauty in the wee hours. It was a real mixed bag, as you didn't know if the bite was a 100 or a 50 lb. fish and everyone had a great time yanking and pulling . Great weather is on tap for the moment, and we are going to try this again tomorrow, so wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

Wahoo Bonanza

- Good evening everybody from the Independence. We made a stop today to try our hand at the Wahoo game, and came out a winner. 87 big fat Wahoo hit the deck for our efforts, and I think 5 or 6 guys caught their daily limit of these beauties. 40 to 55 lb. fish for the most part, and the weather was just as good as it gets out here. Lots of life, whales, birds, porpoise, fish jumping everywhere, great day all around, topped off by Ed's roasted chicken dinner. We are now headed down to the lower zone in hopes of some tuna action.The hot lures today were Capt Jimmy's bombs, and Salas 6x jr pink and black. I sent some pics on our FB page of the busy day, check em out if you get a chance, and we'll have another report in a few days, sea ya then... Jeff

On The Road Again

- Hello again from the Independence. We are currently out on our annual Brian Porter -Seeker rods 15 day extravaganza with a good load of bait and eager fishermen. There were some lucky guys that won some Seeker rods , some of them new models, really great stuff I might add. Also mucho tackle and apparel for all. We are going to try the Wahoo oasis today and then keep rolling down to the promise land. So far good weather, but might get some breeze down the road. Thanks for checking in, and wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew