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Captains Mark Pisano, Jeff Debuys & Paul Strasser

Wow. Busy Today

- Well gang we got off to a great start today after the slow fishing yesterday, as the guys that fished all nite were rewarded with big yellows and tanker c - Bass. When the sun came up so did the ocean, as the fishing today was beyond our wildest dreams. Off the hook wahoo and tuna fishing, as we caught 135 skin, and 135 tuna , as well as pargo , dorado , yellas, and c - bass were all biting today. Excellent weather , just enough breeze to keep you cool. We are going to try this tomorrow, wish us luck, Jeff

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John Collins 8 day

- We departed yesterday on our John Collins 8 day extravaganza with great bait and good weather. There were lots of great giveaways, Avet Reels, Seeker Rods, Phenix Rods, and salas lures just to name a few. Everyone is eager to put their new rods n reels to the test. Tomorrow we start, we'll report then, Jeff and the Indy crew

Avet Jackpot winners

- 1st randy fry 55 lb sea bass 2nd Philip Kudenov 54 lb. sea bass 3rd Edrei Rios 49 lb. wahoo Honorable mention David Hill 60 lb. sea bass Thanks to Avet Reels and to everyone who made the trip a huge success, sea you all next year. Jeff and the Indy crew


- Good travel weather for us here, excellent fishing, and we will be tied up in San Diego at 0515 tomorrow, Saturday August 20th 2016 . Judy will start sign-in about 6:30 AM. Be sure to bring your passports with you when you come up to sign-in. Sea ya then Jeff


- Today started off very early as the Tankers were on the chew. By daylight we had 15 of them in the hatch. Mixed in with them were lots of big Yellas, and after the sun came up the Wahoo put on a great show and the guys rallied up 55 of them for the day. Throw in a couple 3 dozen big Pargo and that's what went on down here today, just fabulous fishing here on the Independence. Really good weather made it all the more surreal. Gaining altitude all the time now. Sea ya, Jeff


- Another stellar day here , as it all began after dinner last night, Sea Bass and Grouper, and after daylight some Wahoo , Dorado, Pargo, and some good action on that schoolie Yellowfin Tuna, 150 or so to end the day. Everyone had a great day again and we're looking forward to tomorrow, great weather, sea ya later, Jeff


- Today was as good as it gets for Yellowtail fishing. Beautiful grade fish biting full speed for hours. The Salas 7 X guys killed em every cast and all I can say is it doesn't get any better. We got on a dab of Yellowfin late and threw on 40 fish before calling it quits. Stay tuned , we're just getting started. Jeff and the Indy crew

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Rusty Hook Jack Pots

- We returned this morning and weighed up a 75 lb. yellowfin for Gene McKenna and a pair of 72 lb. ers for second and third Alex Masumoto and James Thomas. Great job everyone. We cleared the point with a good load of bait and a happy group of fisherman , this trip sponsored by Avet reels. We will report later on when we got something, wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

Strong Finish

- Hello again from the Indy, we had a great ending for our trip , as we connected with a school of yellowfin tuna late in the afternoon and landed 25 fish , 22 of those were 70 lbs. and the rest were 30 lb. fish. Great what to end the trip. We will be back to San Diego at 0500. Sea ya then, Jeff


- The Independence is due in at 5am, Anglers departing tomorrow, don't forget to bring your passports to my office for verification. Thanks

No barn burner

- The past few days have been quite the challenge to muster up a catch. We've covered lots of water for sum yellowtail and tuna and dorado, neither in huge numbers. We have one more day and we're going for glory. Wish us luck, Jeff

Full Speed Today

- Hello again from the Independence, today we experienced excellent fishing for 18 to 30 lb. yellowtail. Everyone really enjoyed the event, as the long rod pluggers absolutely killed em and anyone who put a bait in the water was instantly rewarded with a fish. Salas 7x was my first choice. After the yellas we jigged up a couple of yellowfin on our way to our next spot and pretty much called it a day. Good weather in the A.M. and lots of wind the rest of the day. We are trying for bait tonite and a few yellows in the morning, wish us luck, Jeff

Great Start

- We enjoyed good wahoo fishing today, and had many opportunities to capture the toothy , wily wahoo. Some did really well and sum couldn't get the hook to stick, but that's fishing. We had a great time and the weather was good as well. We are going to go try for sum yellowtail and tuna for the next few days , so wish us luck, Jeff

Tahoe Tuna Club Returns

- Tahoe tuna club returned this morning with an excellent catch , jack pot winners were 1st place Dan Whitmore 50 lb. White Sea bass, 2nd Alan Preston 38 lb. White Sea bass, and 3rd Gene Preston 56 lb. grouper. Mike Moore got the honorable mention 54 lb. wahoo. Great job everyone ! And many thanks, sea ya next year. We turned the boat around and departed on the Rusy Hook annual 7 day with a good supply of sardine and lots of eager anglers, we will report later on when we got something, Jeff and the Indy crew


- GOOD MORNING ANGLERS, JUST A UPDATE on the Boat, it will arrive back in port at Point Loma Sportfishing Landing at 5am...Anyone departing, bring your passport to my office for verification, and remember the parking lot will be jugged..your responsibility to get here on time...

They Be Hittin

- We had another fantastic day here on the Indy as we found another area of yellowfin tuna that put on quite the show for us. Great fishing for 12 to 22 lb. fish , or I should say excellent fishing today for the schoolies. It didn't take long to get fixed up and now we are gaining altitude all the time. We've had an awesome trip so far and we have one stop to make tomorrow before calling it a trip. The weather isn't too bad either, thanks for checking in on us, Jeff

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Outstanding Day

- Today was one of those days you read about as fishing was as good as it gets for 18 to 25 lb. yellowtail. Aquarium style fishing sums it up, the surface pluggers had a field day along with every other method out here. There were a few skin to be had as well , and I would say we are all fixed up on yellas. Excellent weather again today as well. We are going to start working up and get into the tuna zone for tomorrow, wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

Another action packed day

- Hello again everyone from the Indy, we had another excellent day down here with quality and variety being the focus today. Everyone got to yank on a c bass or grouper, tuna, pargo, wahoo , yella and the weather is as good as it gets. Thanks for checking in, and wish us luck tomorrow, Jeff

Lots of variety today

- Today was a great start to the trip as we caught yellowtail , yellowfin tuna, grouper, wahoo , dorado , and a White Sea bass. It was a great day for everyone on board the Indy as we have some guys that have never been down here before. Everyone had a great day and the weather was just rite, just enough breeze to keep you cool. Wish us luck tomorrow, as we hope to keep the ball rolling, Jeff and the Indy crew

Tahoe Tuna Club

- We departed yesterday with a great group of fishermen and good bait from Everingham Bros. on our annual Tahoe Tuna club 7 day trip. Today we stopped on a few kelps for a few dorado and yellowtail. Tomorrow we get down to business and get busy. We have high hopes for the trip and will report when we have something.


- The Independence will arrive at 06:45 Saturday morning. Judy will start sign in at approx 7:00AM. Please make sure you have your passports with you when you go up to sign in.

Great Day

- We were blessed with another great day of fishing today. We got into some more action on 12-22 pound grade yellowfin. We got all fixed up and finished our day off catching a few bass and halibut. As for tomorrow we will be starting our way home and have a few hours in the morning to try for more fish. Everyone is stoked and we are still enjoying the weather. Matt and Indy crew.


- We managed to make a catch today on school sized Yellowfin. We are going to be looking for more in the morning. We will let you know how we do. Wish us luck! Matt and the Indy crew

Terrific Day

- Hot and heavy is a good way to describe our day down here. We started off early with great action on the yellowtail. We picked throughout the day and managed to get all we needed. We all had fun in the sun and had a few shots a big grouper. Our weather has been excellent the past few days and we are working up tomorrow looking for tuna and or kelps offshore. Wish us luck. Matt and Indy crew.

Whaoo & Yellowtail

- We had fun today grinding on wahoo. The weather was hot and we all had a shot at a skinny. Our plan for tomorrow is to head in towards the beach and locate some yellowtail. Wish us luck.


- We got an early start yesterday and we are off on our annual Avet Reels, Graftech Rods, and Raider Jigs trip. Rick Ozaki and his crew have a ton of great giveaways for everyone and we are in high hopes to put those lures to work. We have another day of travel before we arrive at our destination but stick around for the reports. Matt Paul Oscar Billy Ben David Ed and Rollo.

Great Fishing

- We fished offshore for yellowfin tuna and a few yellows. We accumulated 60 fish mostly tuna, and had some decent action. We will be tied up tomorrow at 0515 , and turning around on another. Sea ya then , Jeff and the Indy crew Sent from my iPad

ETA 7/17/16

- Good Morning Anglers, the INDY will arrive at Point Loma Sportfishing Landing on 7/17 at approx 5:15am, the next trip departing on 7/17, I must remind you to bring your passports to sign in. not copies of passports will be accepted, so dont forget them. You cannot board the boat with out it.. Thanks Judy


- We enjoyed another action packed day on board the Indy today as the Wahoo put on a great show right after daylight and steady action till about 1300 hours. Again today, the Capt Jimmy Bombs ruled the deck along with Salas 6x Jr. Tar Baby and a few on Sardines. There were ample opportunity's for all and when it was all said and done 37 more Skinnies now rest in the RSW with the rest of them. We also tagged some Alijos grade Yellowtail as well. We are now gaining altitude getting in position for the grand finale. The weather is outstanding, sea ya later, Jeff & the Indy crew


- We experienced another great day here on the Independence as we added another 40 or so premium Yellowtail and a few Grouper along with 36 nice fat Wahoo. Everyone had a chance at these speedsters and it was great to see all the first time Wahoo guys get some. We are going to keep trying for Wahoo tomorrow and see if we can keep the ball rolling, so wish us luck, Jeff , oh yeah the weather is outstanding


- Great start today as we got an early start on our Yellowtail and they were biting full speed till we moved the boat around noon. Everyone got in on the action, Salas yo yo jigs, Sardines, dropper loop were all the hot ticket. Throw in a couple of exotic's and there you have it. We made a move and see what happens tonight and tomorrow on the big bite down here. Great weather as well. Check back tomorrow, Jeff

Half Moon Bay Departs

- We along with the Half Moon Bay gang departed on our 7 day extravaganza yesterday with high hopes and a decent load of bait. We will report later on when we have something to share. Wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

ETA 7/10/16

- The Independence will dock at Point Loma Sportfishing Landing at 6:45am. Anglers departing on 7/10, be sure to bring your passports.

Premium Yellows

- We started off our day today with a few premium yellowtail and big seabass. We saw good sign of fish and managed to scratch a day out of it. We are moving up the line for tomorrow's activities and plan on tagging a few more yellows. We will keep you posted. Wish us luck.


- The INDEPENDENCE will arrive at 5:30am on Tuesday 7/5...OUTGOING Anglers, please be sure to bring your passports and the boat will be departing early,9:30 if everyone is here... so dont be late.

Seeker 8 Day Returns

- We arrived early Sunday morning and weighed up jack pot fish 1st place 72 lb. Bluefin Mark Mcclean a tie for 2nd and 3rd Alana Hull and Garrick Sakado with 68 lb. Bluefin. Thanks to Brian Porter and Seeker for putting it all together and everyone who made the trip. Happy 4 th of July to Everyone!!

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- On behalf of Mark, Paul and the staff of Independence Sportfishing we would like to wish everyone a happy 4th of July. Enjoy the fireworks, have a good barbecue and most of all be safe.


- We fished for the elusive Bluefin Tuna today and scored 6 fish in the 70 to 90 lb. range for the effort. We saw good sign of the jumbo's but getting a bite is tough. We are going to be tied up tomorrow at 0515. Judy will start sign for tomorrows 11/2 day trip at 3:30PM sea ya then , Jeff


- The Independence will dock at Pt. Loma Sportfishing Sunday morning at 5:15. For all of you going out on Sundays trip,. Judy will start sign in approx. 3:30PM.


- Not much of a report for today as we travelled and made a few drifts for Reds gaining altitude all the time. We are going to be in position for Bluefin Tuna in the morning. Wish us luck Jeff


- Today was a coastal Calico Bass and premium Yellowtail affair. Everyone had a great time and lots of action till dark for all. Fabulous weather made it even better. We are headed up all the time and will look offshore tomorrow for the next few days. Wish us luck, Jeff


- Today we caught a few Tuna early on and then topped off our Yellowtail quota and then had some nice drifts on Grouper the rest of the day. Good grade fish for all today, and great weather makes for another excellent day on the Indy. We are going to start the long trek up and try some spots on the way up. Thanks for checking in, Jeff and the Indy crew


- We arrived mid morning and got really busy as soon as we came tight on the anchor. 18 to 30 lb. Yellowtail biting full speed followed by a good sample of 15 to 25 lb. Tuna in the afternoon. Everyone is worn out and resting for tomorrow's fishing , great weather also. Sea ya later, Jeff


- The jack pot winners are:1st Hieu Phan with a 50 lb. Yellowfin, 2nd Edward Glinecki 48 lb.tuna, 3rd Scott Smith with a 47 lb. Yellowfin. Thanks to you Tim and everyone who joined in all the fun this trip. We turned right around and departed on our Seeker 7 day with a good load of bait from EB bait co. and a great bunch of our regular fisherman and some new faces as well. With some decent prospects off our bow and some good weather we hope to put it together. Sea ya when we have something, Jeff

ETA 6/26/2016

- Heading home We has a few school size tuna for the effort today and will be tied up at 0530. Sea ya then

Fun Day

- We fished for bass today and had a great time with lots of action and a few premium yellows in the mix as well. We're gonna have dinner and start up the line for tomorrow's destination. Sea ya then , Jeff


- We spent the morning in the tuna zone with windy choppy conditions and just a little sign of biting fish. A sample 6 fish is all we caught for half a days effort. Later on we caught the remaining yellows for the few guys lacking, and a few grouper to end the day on. Upward we now go and make a few stops along the way to wet a line. The weather has backed off a little and it's decent going. Sea ya later, Jeff

Another Stellar Day

- Another Stellar Day Good evening everyone, things are really good out here on the high seas. We experienced excellent fishing for jumbo yellowtail and made a drift for 43 of those 35 to 60 lb. yellowfin tuna. Just great action all day long under sunny warm conditions. We are missing you Tim, you would be getting em good. We are going to camp out and give it another try on this tuna things tomorrow, sea ya then, Jeff. Check the pics on F B

Another great day on the Indy

- All around great fishing today , as the morning yellowtail fishing was good for that 18 to 30 lb. fish. All methods were working, and after we had a good score we set out for some tuna fishing for the afternoon. We got a good sample of that 25 to 45 lb. fish and some great visuals at times. We are going to try the same program tomorrow, wish us luck, Jeff oh and the weather is outstanding

Port Equipment Trip Great star

- We got located around noon today and had a good afternoon's fishing till dark on yellowtail , a few c- bass and tuna. Good conditions down here makes one optimistic that we can get er done down here. Great weather is on the forecast as well. Quite a few fish today on the salas 6x, thanks Matt. Wish us luck tomorrow, Jeff

Tim Kyelberg 8 day

- We departed for 8 days yesterday with a great group of guys and decent weather off our bow. A big thanks to some of our sponsors, Avet Reels, Salas Jigs, Seeker Rods to name a few. We will report as we see it down here, wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew Sent from my iPad


- The Independence will dock at Pt. Loma Sportfishing 6:00 AM Saturday June 18. For those of you going out on Saturdays trip, Judy will start sign in at 7:00 AM. Be sure to have your passports with you.


- Hello everyone, we have spent the last two days working north looking for tuna with not much to show in the way of tuna. We have enjoyed more good Yellowtail fishing to keep our sprits up. It's our last day and we plan to do a little more scouting for tuna as we close the distance to the point. Weather is ok and better than forecasted so we have that going for us. We should be in right at 6:00 hours. We will report any thing we do in the fishing world. Take care, the Indy crew


- Hello again from the Independence. We are back out on our annual Avet Reels-Seguar-Graftech Rods trip. We have had good Yellowtail fishing so far with just a sprinkle of Yellowfin Tuna; we also caught a nice 30 pound class White Sea Bass. The weather has been relatively nice with 15-18 knots of wind and a moderate sea state. We are going to scout for some tuna tomorrow so wish us luck, the Indy crew.

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- The Indy returned today with a beautiful catch aboard and some nice jack pot Bluefin Tuna. 1st place Don Klahs 78 lb. Bluefin, 2nd Randy Benner 77 lb. Bluefin. 3rd Jim Mitchell 72 lb. Bluefin Tuna. A big time thanks to everyone for making the trip a huge success this year. Sea you all soon, Jeff and the Indy crew


- Well the past few days have been really fun , as we had excellent Calico Bass fishing and some premium size Yellowtail we released and tagged a few for the galley. Today we put a little bit of icing on the cake with some beautiful grade BuefinTuna. As of press time we have captured 7 of these 70 to 90 lb slugs. We have had just an awesome trip this year with all our regular passengers putting the wood to em so to speak. Yellowtail, Yellowfin tuna, White Sea Bass, Grouper, Bass, Bluefin Tuna. Nice catch. Really good weather made things even more enjoyable. We will be dock side at 0530. Sea ya then , Jeff

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ETA Sunday 6/12/2016

- Indy will arrive at 5:30am on Sunday 6.12..Thank you anyone going on next trip on 6/12. dont forget your passport...


- We had another really great day down here as the early sea bass bite resulted in a hand full of fish and the rest of the day went like this. We topped off on that beautiful grade Yellowtail, and then caught 43 of that nice grade Yellowfin Tuna, and had great fishing for Grouper up to 40 lbs. Everyone is having a super great time. The weather is good and looks to be for a while, so we are heading back up the line and will be stopping along the way to try for more fish. Check out the photos on facebook. Sea ya then Jeff


- Wow, I'm still in disbelief over how good fishing was today. Things got going very early in the a.m. And continued for most of the day. Our catch included 16 White Sea bass, 100 Yellowfin Tuna 18 to 30 lb. , 18 Grouper to 40 lbs. and all the 18 to 35 lb. Yellowtail you could put a tag on. Needless to say things looked really good down here today . Everyone is tired and in need of some rest, but I think they are going to keep trying for the Sea Bass tonigte. The weather is good , and getting better all the time. There are a few pics on F B , but frankly it was too busy to get all the pictures I wanted, maybe tomorrow. Sea ya then , Jeff

First stop

- We made a stop this morning for this big croaker and a few yellowtail before heading down to the promise land. Lots of cold water around so far, but things should be better tomorrow. The weather report looks better as well so we have that to look forward to. Wish us luck, Jeff


- We returned this morning with a great catch including Wahoo, Yellowtail,Grouper, Bluefin Tuna and a great time to go along with it. A huge thanks to everyone and Dennis and Angie for making the trip a success this time. Jack pot winners were Jim Williams 65 lb. Bluefin John Haugland with a 64 lb Bluefin and Ken Aiso 64 lb. Bluefin . Ty Rogers 71# Honorable Mention and James Garner 75# Honorable Mention.nice Catch guys....We turned the boat around and departed on our annual Dick Shaffer 8 day with high hopes and a good load of bait. Check back in a few days for a report, Jeff


- Wow, what a fun day fishing on the Indy today. There was really some volume on that good grade BluefinTuna today. A guy really wants to be around when they decide to get with it, but we scratched out a great day anyhow. 18 tuna in the 60 to 75 lb. range for the effort. Flat calm seas all day long made it even more enjoyable. We've had a great trip fishing wise and weather wise and it's time to head back to San Diego. Check out the great photos on facebook. We'll be in tomorrow at 0545, sea ya then Jeff

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- The Independence will dock at Point Loma Sportfishing 0545 Saturday morning.


- Today we did the offshore thing and saw quite a bit of the bluefin tuna down below. We had some luck on the smaller grade 30 lb. fish and had some chances that didn't work out, and some great visuals throughout the day. We are going to step it up for tomorrow and try for some bigguns, wish us luck , Jeff


- Today we topped off on the Yellowtail and started on the way up , made a few drifts and had good fishing for Grouper to 40 lbs. . Currently our plan is to make our way up to the tuna grounds and spend a few days up there. It's a bit breezy now and slow going so we'll get there when we get there. Sea ya then, Jeff


- We had very good Yellowtail fishing today, as the grade was a solid 17 to 28 lbs. with some bigger and some smaller. Everyone was yanking and cranking all day long, and we ended up with an impressive score. Good weather for the most part with some breeze in the afternoon. We are going to stick around and see what happens tomorrow. Wish us luck, Jeff


- Well, we got to stop the boat today and wet a line. The conditions were not premium by any means, but good enough to tag sum Wahoo and Yellowtail for the effort. 20 Wahoo and 35 Yellowtail was all we could muster before heading out of here on to the next hot spot. With lots of time and good weather on the horizon we have high hopes. Sea ya later, Jeff


- We got an early departure yesterday on our 8 day Tunaholics trip, sponsored by Dennis and Angie Evans. The gang is mostly known for their 10 day big tuna scores, but the early summer / spring sounded appealing so here we go. We grabbed a nice supply of bait from Everingham Bait Co. and headed down the beach. There were many schools of Bluefin Tuna in the afternoon but no bites , so we are headed down to the promise land. Rite before dinner there was a dandy tackle raffle that everyone enjoyed and there will be another one or two in the near future. Rods , reels , jigs ect......were readily available for all. Great weather so far and it looks to be in the forecast. We will report back when we have something. Wish us luck , Jeff and the Indy crew

Sav On Tackle Returns

- The Independence returned with a beautiful haul of giant yellowfin tuna and some spring time yellowtail. 1st place jack pot John Garrard 277 lb. 2nd and 3rd Ernie Antonini and Tom Phillips with 233 lb. identical fish. A big thanks to everyone who made the trip an outstanding event again this year, and to Sav On Tackle, great job everyone. Jeff and the Indy crew T

ETA 5/7/2016

- Hello Friends and Family...The ETA for tomorrows arrival of the Indy will be approximately 5:30am


- Hello again everyone, we made a few stops today to wet a line and try our luck at yellowtail. We had an awesome day catching 18 to 30 lb. Yellas with a few bigger and a few smaller. Excellent action pretty much sums it up, with daily limits easily obtained by all. It was a great way to break up the ride, and the weather was a bonus as well. We are experiencing a great ride home , and we will post an E T A on Friday. Sea ya then , Jeff

Changing again

- Well, all good things never last forever and while we experienced a stretch of decent , good fishing , things are looking like they are on the downward trend again. Not to say they won't bounce back but we don't have the time to hang around and we elected to make the move upward and try a few spots on the way home. We have a great catch of quality yellowfin tuna aboard and a change of scenery was unanimous ..the last shot I sent was of Tom Phillips with his 235 beast he landed this morning. We will send another report when we have something to share, wish us luck, Jeff S

Things are good

- Good evening everyone we are still experiencing good fishing down here, as we had 23 fish for the day. Most all of them are that excellent grade we have been catching 130 to 195 lbs. with a few bigger and a few smaller. Big fish today 214 for Dane Barriault and great weather to go along with all this great fishing. We have a few days left till we have to start for home, so wish us luck, Jeff

piecing it together

- Hello again everyone, we had another excellent day out on the grounds fishing for these beauties. Pretty much an all day affair with some busy times here n there. Most everyone got to pull on one and the highlight of the day was John Garrard' 277 lb. monster that kept everyone at the rail trying for one. 29 of these beauties are now joining the rest of em in our RSW tanks. Also our friend Jerry Watkins landed a nice 203 to round out the day. We've got a little bit of room in our second well, and are going for a third , as we have lots of time left, sea ya later , Jeff

Good Living

- We are really enjoying the past few days out here , as the grade is really good and evenly spread out amongst everyone. There are chances at big ones every day and today we got 3 cows and 25 of the stock 125 to 235 lb. fish . We hope to keep things rolling rite along and we have plenty of time left to fill another well. Sea ya all later, Jeff

Rolling rite along

- We had another great day on board here as we had steady fishing for 125 to 190 lb yellowfin tuna. Everyone got to pull on a fish or two, and when we were done we tallied 33 fish for the efforts. Great weather as well down here and we have a bunch of time down here to enjoy it. No cows today but maybe tomorrow, wish us luck, Jeff


- Things looked good here today as we managed to piece together a decent day on these beautiful , excellent grade yellowfin. We had a handful of 190 to 195 fish , and most were 150 to 225 lbs. great average. 20 fish for the day, with plenty of chances had by all. We are going to sit tight and hope for more of this action. Wish us luck, Jeff

Sav On Tackle

- Hello again everyone, yesterday we departed on Sav On Tackle 17 day extravaganza with a stellar group of fishermen and a very nice load of sardine from E B bait co. We saw some sign of B F T but not the volume necessary to warrant a stop. Tons of awesome tackle rods reels hooks line hats shirts were well received by all before Ed's famous prime rib dinner was devoured by everyone. Really nice water conditions rolling down outside here, gonna be another ripper season. Steve and Charlie are our hosts from the store and have been quite generous with all the swag. We will report anything worth mentioning , wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew


- Good morning anglers, I just want all of our passengers, family and friends to know the boat will be open on Sunday for Day @ The Docks..Free to all..Fun activities for Children. Family time is important..Please come to the boat and visit with the Skippers-Jeff & Matt and crew, they will be there to answer your tackle questions and Yes, I will also be there..The upcoming season on the Indy...See you Sunday...Judy

ETA 4/14/2016

- The Independence will arrive back at Point Loma Sportfishing Thursday 6:00 AM.


- We are on our way home and ended the trip with a full speed Wahoo bite. Everyone had a chance for one. What a great group of anglers to share this experience with. Thanks to Seaguar and Avet reels as well as Rick Ozaki with Raider jigs and Graftech rods. We have good weather for the ride up and plenty of stories to talk about.


- We had good fishing today with a pretty steady pick. I'd say it's still going our way. The grade of fish is definitely getting better with a lot more 170- 200+ fish showing up and making themselves seen. The weather has been great and we are happy. Matt and Indy crew


- Hello INDEPENDENCE FANS..JUST to let you all know that due to illness and job changing schedules there have been a few openings to our 2016 schedule, you may call in to reserve your spots or book on line..If you see a trip that would interest you and its currently sold out, call in or email us and we will put you on standby...I usually call standbys first, without your info you cannot be contacted..Again check our schedule we have a few openings now..


- Today started out well for us with a little morning hit. Unfortunately it didn't stick for long. We ended up trolling up a few Wahoo throughout the day. The wind was up a bit for us in the afternoon and we waited it out for a evening bite. We managed to scratch a few but never got the numbers we hoped for. Tomorrow is another day and we are very eager to get busy pulling on some big ones. We will let you know how it goes for us tomorrow. Wish us luck.


- Our day started out early getting set up hoping for the fish to arrive. We had a good show of better grade tuna today the largest going 196. As the morning progressed we ended up looking around for more fish and had a good show on the 80-100 pounders as well as few handfuls of Wahoo. We are all very happy with our catch so far and hope there is more to come. Matt and Indy crew.

Great start

- We are off to a great start here on the Independence. We started fishing early this morning and have a great catch already. Photos are soon to follow. Check in with us a little later.


- Hey everyone! We left yesterday with a great load of bait on our annual Avet Reels/Seguar/Raider Lures 16 day adventure. We have another great group of passengers on board itching to get some good fishing in. The next few days we will be gearing up for battle on our travels down. Rick Ozaki handed out some stellar giveaways this morning and the people are hyped! We will keep you posted on our doings and hope to have some great photos to follow. Over and out... Matt Paul Oscar Roman Justin Brian Ed and Frenchy

Reservations 2016

- Good Morning Anglers, If you interested in booking a trip with us and you notice it is sold out or few spots remain, don't hesitate to call in to get on our standby listing. We always get cancellations, and I always call standbys before I open the trip to the public- Judy

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- The Independence returned this morning with another great catch from down below. Lots of beautiful grade YellowfinTuna and Wahoo from the RSW tanks. Here are the jack pot winners, 1st place Ivan Fujinaka with a 244 lb. tuna, 2nd Bob Cross with a 230 lb. tuna, and 3rd Lynn True with a 218 lb. yellowfin. Other cow catchers , John Timmerman 203 lb, Jim Breckennridge 203 lb.Steve Mastagni 216 lb. Eric Maulhardt 208 & 206 lb. tuna.A huge thanks to Eric and everyone who made the trip such a fun adventure this year, well done everyone and sea you all next year . We are going into annual maintenance period and the Fred Hall show sea you up there, Jeff and the Indy crew


- We have not only enjoyed 7 beautiful days of fishing, but all the travel days required to get there and back. We will be docking at 0600 tomorrow, sea ya then, Jeff

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- I would call it 5 kts of wind tonite. Epic for sure .


- We are on our way up the line now, but not after a early morning hit that produced a couple of hand fulls of these beauties down here. Big fish honors went to Eric Maulhardt with his 207 and the rest were the stock 130 to 185 lb. fish. With a couple of brimming wells of gorgeous RSW tuna and Wahoo we start the trek north fat and happy. A great time was had by all. As for the weather it too is as good as it gets. Sea ya later , Jeff and the Indy crew


- Things are going well for us as we had another good day catching these beauties down here. Today was an all day affair, with the early and late times being the best. We've been doing the 30 fish a day average thing for the past 4 days and today was rite on target. Again , most everything is over 100 lbs. with most being 130 to 170 today. We had 2 bigguns get away , so all we have left is a morning shot tomorrow, wish us luck, Jeff

Great Quality

- We had another great day today, fishing for that beautiful grade tuna. Most fish were again 130 to 190 lbs. with an additional 3 cows today. Lynn True got a 225 , Bob Cross 245 , and Ivan Fujinaka got a 257 lb. beast. Things look to be on the up swing and we hope to keep the ball rolling for the next 2 days before calling it quits. Wish us luck , Jeff


- We hope everyone had as good a day as we did out here. Gooood fishing again for 130 to 215 lb tuna , a good average, 150 lbs. I would guess. A good morning hit and a good afternoon hit for us. A few nice Wahoo were around as well. The topper was a 150 lb. kamikaze fish caught by Lynn True in the dark tonight . Everyone is doing great, and the weather is as good as one could imagine. We are going to keep at it, sea yal later, Jeff


- The fishing today was regulation biting fish , good fishing conditions. Most fish today were of the 140 to 180 lb. grade with a few bigger and a few smaller. One 215 lb. fish made its way on the boat and 2 other bigguns escaped. Everyone got to yank on a fish or two today, so we are going to sit tight and try again tomorrow. lots of photos today but they wouldn't send. Great weather, sea ya tomorrow, Jeff

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- Today was like we were really fishing. Good scratching at 120 to 185 lb. tuna with a good showing on 140 to 170 lb. grade. Excellent weather and some more Wahoo in the mix as well. I feel we had a lot of chances today, but the ball didn't roll our way, maybe tomorrow. Sea ya then , Jeff


- Today was a little bit better catching for us as conditions were better for the most part. There were Wahoo around biting, and some tuna up to 160 lbs. we are going to keep trying, so wish us luck, the weather is outstanding as well , sea ya later, Jeff


- Today we started off scratching Wahoo, and then a slow pick on tuna. Good weather is abound and we are just getting going so wish us luck for tomorrow please. Sea ya then Jeff


- One of our stellar crewmen , Romolino Ghio very recently lost the love of his life Jenny Jimenez. It was a sudden tragic loss, and there is no simple reason or justification for it . Sadness for Romolino and Jenny's family is forever going to be felt. The entire Independence organization and all the people that know Romo, and Jenny wish their condolences to them. Please say a prayer or two for them, and God bless them, Jeff, Mark, Paul and the Indy crew....When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Judy

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- Several of the guys showing off what they won in the raffle.


- Seeker Limited 15 day.... We have enjoyed a couple of really outstanding travel days out here, grease calm conditions, a well meshed super friendly group on board, and some great football yesterday. Everingham bros. provided a good load of bait , and we've been rigging up full speed under warm sunny skies. With a couple more travel days to go we have yet more rigging and final touches before the process begins. We welcome our charter master Eric Maulhardt, mr. Seeker himself aboard, and there were many lucky recipients that now have another new seeker rod to add to their arsenal. We will report any and all when we have something to share, so until then , tight lines, Jeff and the Indy crew

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- The Independence returned yesterday with a fine catch of Yellowfin and Wahoo. 6 tuna over the 200 lb. mark made their way onboard and the bulk of the rest were all beauties. A big congrats to everyone for putting together a fine trip and many thanks to all as well. Bryan Porter was as always the great host he is. Jack pot winners are as follows: 1st place Able Saldana 235# Yellowfin; 2nd place Bryan Porter 225 lb Yellowfin; 3rd place Sergio Perez 215 lb Yellowfin. as well as the other lucky cow catchers ...Robert Claproth 214, Gregory Williams 207, and Niphon Wongrassamee... Thanks again to everyone and we'll sea you all next year, Jeff and the Indy crew

ETA 1/31/16

- ETA 5:45 am on Sunday 1/31/16..

ARRIVAL DATE...1/31/2016

- Hi Anglers, the arrival date for the Indy is 1/31/2016..Watch for ETA. Jeff will inform me Saturday sometime..Thanks

Going Home

- Good traveling lately , lots of fish stories, movies and R & R. Here is a few more pics from the trip. Looking forward to heading back down next trip.

Good scratching today

- We had another great day catching 100 to 185 lb. tuna. The chances were available for those who put in the time. Over all grade is a solid 125 to 170 lbs. with a few bigger and a few smaller. Perfect conditions for he most part, so we are pleased with the results . Check out the pics on FB . We are done fishing and on our way up. We'll post more pics tomorrow or the next day, sea ya then, Jeff

All is well... GREAT

- Hello again everyone, the past few days have been good as far as production goes. Really good fishing for 125 to 210 lb. yellowfin tuna, with the majority being that 130 to 180 lb fish. Just a beautiful grade. We have managed around 65 of those and a couple dozen wahoo the past two days. Clean fishing, not many sharks or junk , so most bites are the real deal. We picked up 3 cows today and hope to keep the ball rolling for tomorrow. Great weather is on tap , so wish us luck for our last day tomorrow, sea ya then, Jeff


- While we deal with less than ideal conditions down here we are opening the hatch on a fairly regular basis, scratch fishing on 70 to 150 lb. fish and sum wahoo in the mix. With lots of time left we are biding our time in hopes of connecting with some of the trophy's that are around here. As is always the case , the full moon has altered things down here, and rite now not in our favor, or so it seems. We are going to keep at it, as everyone is still in the game, having a great time. Let's hope for a few banner days in the near future, sea ya then, Jeff

Great start

- Good evening everyone, we had a great start to the trip today as we had good fishing for yellowfin tuna in the 140 to 220 lb. range with a good showing on the 160 to 190's. 2 fish made the 200 lb. mark and a hand full of wahoo for the day. Really good weather down here rite now. We are just getting going so things look favorable for us. Check back tomorrow, sea ya then, Jeff

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Final prep

- We've been busy rigging and prepping everyone the past few days along with lots of R & R and movies , ect....we are all ready to go, and look forward to starting the process tomorrow. We made a brief stop for our wahoo dinner and chef Ed knocked it out of the park. Wish us luck, and we will try to keep up the reports. Good weather looks to be the trend as well. Sea ya, Jeff and the Indy crew

Internet & phone

- Hello anglers and friends my ATT service is down. Tech will be here in the morning to repair. I can get emails but cannot send from my iPad . Hold all calls . If you want to book a trip do so online. I will get with you tomorrow. No additional payments online accepted .

Seeker 15 day out...

- Hello everyone , Brian Porter / Seeker 15 day departed yesterday with a nice load of bait and lots of eager Indy regulars and sum new soon to be regulars. Lots of great giveaways along with a few super giveaways were received by all. With a few good looking prospects off our bow we start the long journey down to the grounds. We were busy the past few weeks installing some new refrigeration equipment for our fish holds, and things look really good down there, we can't wait to put them to test. Good weather looks to be on tap for a while at least and we will keep ya all informed as we sea how the trip goes. Wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

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- The Indy docked early Dec. 31st with a happy group of anglers and a nice catch of Yellowtail and lots of assorted bottom grabbers. Here is young Josh with a sample of the beautiful Yellows we caught.Jackpot winners from the Xmas 5 day are as follows: 1st Jeffery Mcintosh 26.4lb Yellowtail; 2nd Shawn McBride 25.8lb. Yellowtail; 3rd Jeremy Campbell 25.4lb Yellowtail. Honorable mention Kevin Joshua Atkinson 29.7lb Yellowtail. Congratulations to all. Thanks to everyone who made the trip and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and all our passengers, we look forward to another great year out on the Independence.