Current Fishing Conditions
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Captains Mark Pisano, Jeff Debuys & Paul Strasser

Indy Returns

- The Indy will arrive at approximately 6am on Thursday 4/10...Thanks for checking in...


- Hello again from the Indy. We broke up the ride home and stopped by the stones to fish for yellows today and were greeted by beautiful grade, biting fish. The 22 to 35 lb. yellowtail put on a great show for us and the guys with the salas 7 x long rods killed em as well as the yo yo 6 x guys. The guys with bait were really busy as well. There were 3 tuna caught, a couple of 15 lb. and a 50 lb. stand out. Things looked good here today, and we easily caught our daily limits for all. Picture perfect weather made the day even better, as everyone had a last yanking and cranking in the warm sunshine. We are headed up he line.. Finito. Sea ya all later, Jeff and the Indy crew

Time for a change......

- After a couple of slow days of fishing we have decided to make a move to different and hopefully greener pastures. I feel the sign of tuna and Wahoo that had been around just wasn't around any more, so off we go. Don't get me wrong, we had our chances and made good on most of them. With 240 quality tuna, maybe a dozen over 200 lbs. and 123 nice Wahoo aboard we feel lucky to have a great catch all things considered. Some guys had no problem getting their limit of tuna and half limit of Wahoo this trip. That's why it's called fishing. We are going to break up the ride home and stop by the rocks for a day of yellowtail fishing. Sea ya then Jeff and the Indy crew


- Good evening again from the independence. Today we were dealt with some challenging fishing conditions, as the saying goes, every day is different, and couldn’t be more true out here today. One extreme to another we had 4 bigguns hooked and 2 liberated themselves. The sign of fish at one point today was very good but wouldn’t stick around the boat. 18 tuna and a dozen Wahoo was all we could muster today. One hopes and prays for one more crack at these beauties like we had a few days ago to even things out for today's slower fishing. So with that I will sign off with high hopes for the next few days. Sea ya then, Jeff and the Indy crew


- just checking in here from the independence. Today we awoke to some what better conditions for fishing. We made the best of what was around and put together another good day on these beauties. Three more cows and one maybe made it on the boat this morning. The rest is gorgeous grade fish as well. 32 tuna and 26 Wahoo for the effort today. The weather is as good as one could want down here. There are a few pictures on FB and you might recognize a few of he lucky anglers out here whooping it up on he Indy. We still have a few more days to fish before we gotta head back. Thanks for checking in, Jeff and the Indy crew

Rolling Right Along.

- Pictures on Facebook.... Good evening from the Indy. Today we saw a totally different set of conditions as the great fishing current from yesterday was going opposite today. We did manage to put together a day with 2 big fish and some 150 to 180 lb. fish early on. Charter master Rick Ozaki caught his second cow a 225 lb. fish this morning the other by Dane Barriult a 199 lb. beauty. 32 tuna and 17 big Wahoo for the effort today. We hope for another great day tomorrow, please wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew


- No April Foolin' here, Good evening everyone. Again today was really good fishing for 100 to 235lb. tuna and large Wahoo. We ended the day with 63 tuna and 39 Wahoo for the effort. We pretty much had something on our lines from 0400 till dark. The over all grade is really super good, as most everything is at least 100 lbs and with 5 fish over the 200 mark and a few that we're close we are living rite. There were lots of 150 to 190lb. errs to add to the mix as well. With 2 wells full we are headed into our 3 rd well tomorrow with 5 more days of fishing and hope things are going to keep rolling rite along. Check our FB page for some pictures of the trip so far. Wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

The Buffer Zone

- Good evening everybody here is what we know about today. We made a move to the buffer zone and things were pretty lively here today starting early in the morning. The better grade fish were an early thing and being mostly 140 to 180 lbs. fish. After that we had good action all day long on stockers 80 to 130 lb. yellow fin. There was a good showing of Wahoo as well and really spiced up the day. Big fish honors goes to Paul Rubio with his 203 lb tuna. Final tally for today is 55 tuna and 25 nice Wahoo. We are going to try it again tomorrow. Great weather also. ONE opening for April 23, this is the time to jump on for great spring fishing, contact office for more GOOD info. Please wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

Fishing Begins

- Good evening everyone we arrived here in the morning and made the tour around only to see very little to work with. We got situated and began hooking tuna. We scratched at the 70 to 130 lb. fish for most of the day and tallied 40 of them and a dozen wahoo for our efforts. We hope for a shot at some bigguns tonight after dinner. The weather is outstanding and everyone is doing quite well. Sea ya all later, Jeff and the Indy crew

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Not much going on

- Not too much to report except lots of rigging and lots of R & R out here on the independence. The weather has been outstanding and everyone is having a really good time sharing fish tales from past and present as well as a poker tourney here and there. Fishing begins Saturday , so stay tuned for more reports. Thanks for checking in, Jeff and the Indy crew


- good morning everyone we are fresh out after 2 months of maintenance which included complete over haul rebuild on the main engines , extensive new amenities throughout the boat, new carpet, new flat screens, toilets, a/c ducting , and paint just to name a few things. She is running like a champ and is currently out on a 16 day trip that departed yesterday. West coast marketing, Rick Ozaki is our host and there were super great give a-ways this morning with Avet reels, Seaguar Floro and spectra, raider jigs, Graf Tech Rods, and plenty of shirts, hats, and visors. Everyone was a big time winner. With a very good load of sardines and a very good group to fish with we are off and running for points south. The boat is really running well with the rebuilt engines. We will report when we can and will start the process on Saturday. Wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew


- Hi Anglers, Its that time of year when we start our annual maintenance gearing up for some fabulous fishing.. Come see us at the Fred Hall show Long Beach from March 5-9. Meet & Greet with Owners Mark Pisano, Paul Strasser and Our Captain Jeff Debuys, talk about what is in store for fishing in 2014.

ETA 1/27/2014

- The ETA for Monday 1/27 will be US Customs at 8am, Landing approximately 9-9:30. Thanks for checking in.


- ON OUR WAY HOME...the last morning hit consisted of a hand full of 150 to 185 lb. tuna and the cows did not show for us. The Wahoo on the other hand moved in and we caught 15 or so good grade fish for the morning. Good weather has made for a great ride up. We will be a day late getting in, due to a medical evacuation. Please check back Sunday afternoon for the most accurate ETA for the boats arrival Monday morning. sea you then, Jeff and the Indy crew


- Well the last few days out here have been fruitful for us. Good fishing has been on tap for us yesterday and today. Most of the fish is good grade 80 to 198 lbs. with a good percentage of 140 to 180 lbers along with the stocker 70 to 100 lb. fish. We had a handful or two of Wahoo as well. As far as the big fish goes we have had ample chances this morning and they did not work our. I haven’t seen bad luck on these bigguns like this in quite a while, but we have one more morning to get some redemption. Great weather is the call down here. We have racked up about 100 tuna for the past 2 days. And hope for a big hit tomorrow. Wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew


- Hey there sports fans; we had a good day yesterday as we had action all day long with a few breaks here and there. The grade was mixed from 60 to 205 lbs. and most being 60 to 150lbs. with 2 cows and a hand full of 150 to 185 lb. fish. 40 fish was the tally for the day. Jim bowman caught a 202 lb. fish while Jack Purtell landed the 205 lber. Today we had some decent action on 80 to 170 lb. fish and we hope to keep getting "em the rest of the day. We have windy conditions at present and hope it subsides soon... Check back with ya all later, Jeff and the Indy crew


- Things got going early on around 0430 today. It was a full ripper on 80 to 160 lb. fish that lasted till 0700, and then it was done. When tallied it up there were 41 fish down. The rest of the day was slow. The bigguns pulled a no show on us, but there is plenty of time left. The weather is gorgeous down here. Everyone is having a great time. Sea ya all later, Jeff and the Indy crew


- .. well we have been down here for 2 days now and the fishing is good for us. The grade of fish is awesome, as most everything we catch is 100 lbs. and up to 195lbs with lots of 140 to 180 lb. fish. The weather is really good as well. We had a few chances at bigguns but did not work out, maybe tomorrow. Thanks for checking in on us, and wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew


- Hello everyone, and a happy new year to everyone. After a month long break in the action we are currently out on the annual 15 day seeker rods fishing extravaganza... with a very good load of bait and many seasoned big fish regulars we are off and running for points south. Our host again this year is Brian porter, no stranger to this game down here, has been very generous in the swag dept. Seeker rods, 2 x 4’s and other new models have been won by lucky anglers. I don’t have the whole tackle list for give-a-ways, but all the seeker sweat shirts, shirts act... were a big hit. With a few good prospects off our bow we are eager to get to work down there. The past few days have been filled with great football games as well as the rigging process for the up coming battles we so enjoy down there. We will begin the games on wed. Please wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew, Matt, Kevin, Cole, Tyler Oscar, end and Rolf