Getting caught up
Let's get caught up........ We have been out since Saturday on our 7 day Izorline , turners tackle open. There were soooo many great give aways, I'll have to mention them at a later time, that everyone received , as well as rods and reels. The first 2 days of fishing were off the hook good for yellowtail. Steady action on good grade fish up to 40 lbs. , with most being 20 to 30 lbs. we are pretty much done with the yellows, and big calicos, so we are going to gain some altitude and put some distance between us and the storm down below. Limit style fishing , and excellent weather is a great start for the trip. Next on the list is tuna, so stay tuned and wish us luck for the next few days, sea ya then, Jeff


Independence News
Izorline has just announce some prizes they will be giving away on their upcoming trip to passengers: Makaira 2 Speed Reel,Avet Reel & Hats,Costa Sunglasses Graphtech Rod,Chuck Byron Prints,and More prizes from Turners. A couple spots still remain for next week. Call today for information on booking a ticket.

Fishing Conditions
Overall very good conditions with warmer then usual water with good signs of bluefin and yellowfin tuna, wahoo are also showing at Alijos rocks for the 7/8 day trips.

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